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Getting Fit with the Gov!

Increase your child’s self esteem, help them feel more awake, and improve their overall health simply by getting them moving. Wyoming Governor Matt Mead is encouraging kids to be active in the annual Governor’s Health and Fitness Day.

We caught up with the coordinator of Casper’s event, Katrina Lorenzen, for a quick Q & A about this event.

Q: What is the Governor’s Health and Fitness Day? Give us the background.

Katrina: The Governor’s Health and Fitness Day started in 2007 as an event for 3rd graders. The idea was to have the kids participate in fitness stations and activities on the same day throughout the state.  Since that time, it has evolved into bigger events around the state on varying dates. Casper’s event is Thursday, May 8th from 9:15 a.m. – 2: 15 p.m. at the Casper Events Center. Thanks to the Natrona County School District, we will have about 940 third- and fourth-grade students bused to the event to participate in rotating fitness stations and health/safety stations.

Q: How did you get involved?

Katrina: Casper had its first Health and Fitness Day in 2009. At the time, I was working as the student wellness coordinator at NCSD and got involved with the program. I feel fortunate to have continued with it since the first Casper event. 

Q: Child obesity is a major health concern. How can parents keep activity a part of their children’s day?

Katrina: Parents can help keep activity part of the day by limiting screen (tv, video games, social media, etc) time and encouraging play outdoors, indoor activity and involving them in extra curricular activities. One of the easiest ways to incorporate activity is to be an example and make it a fun, family activity.

You can also make activity a part of learning. I’ve created simple flashcards that mesh activities like math, nutrition, and character traits with physical movement.  The idea came about from my passion of fitness and the need for kids to be more active in school. The flashcards sets are becoming popular and selling both locally and nationwide.

Q: You are a busy mom of three, how do you incorporate activity into your family’s life? What activities do you like to do as a family?

Katrina: After raising my son, I see how physical activity impacted his own initiative of his health.  My girls will workout right beside me, and in fact, we fight over the equipment. I make sure the girls get daily activity, although they just seem to take charge.  Modeling for our children can make all the difference.  We enjoy dancing, swimming, ice skating, hiking and skiing.

About Governor’s Health and Fitness Day

The Governor’s Health and Fitness is scheduled for May 8th from 9:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. at the Casper Events Center for NCSD’s 3rd and 4th graders. Students will visit various fitness, health and safety stations. Governor Matt Mead will be in attendance in the morning to welcome all. The event kicks off with a first ever Fitness Flash Mob. City officials, principals, firemen, policemen, Cavalry football players and more will be participating in this short, fun activity.

Sponsors include:  Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Wyoming Cavalry, Wyoming  Health Fairs, Wyoming Medical Center and Casper Events Center.

If you are interested in being part of the fitness flash mob or volunteering  please contact Katrina at For more information about Katrina’s flashcards, visit






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