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Alignment with State to Measure Progress

State Standards for Science

The Wyoming Legislature voted to not support the new state standards for science. The Board Academic Steering Committee discussed the effect of this action on the district. The halt to implementing any new standards for science has the district at a standstill in researching materials and planning until the impasse is resolved.

Measuring Progress

The group reviewed the various assessments the district uses to gauge progress and to set academic goals for students including state assessments and district only rubrics.

New State Accountability Model

The state has begun using a new accountability model to measure progress in schools. The recommendation is for NCSD to use this model as a replacement to the annual District Data Review.

Under the new model, there are four levels of performance for schools: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, and Not Meeting Expectations. It uses PAWS reading and math for grades 3-8, PAWS science for grades 4 and 8, SAWS writing for grade 3, 5, and 7, and ACT for grade 11. On the elementary and middle levels, growth is measured. For high school, college and career readiness is measured.


The Academic Steering Committee’s next meeting is May 12 at 4 p.m.


Members Present: Trustee Elizabeth Horsch (co-chair), Trustee Dana Howie (co-chair), Trustee Suzanne Sandoval, Mark Mathern (staff), Jon Lever (staff), Trustee Kevin Christopherson, Trustee Paula Reid, Trustee Rita Walsh, Trustee Dave Applegate, Kelly Hornby (staff), Steve Hopkins (superintendent), Shauna VanderLinden (staff)



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