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Cut policy, voice of student survey reviewed

Units Review

Group reviewed and compared the units used between 2012-13 and 2013-14. Schools are using their units better in 13-14 than were used in 12-13.

Elementary and Secondary will submit final co-curricular budgets based on the units they have received.

Music/Band Allocation

Will ask elementary music coordinator how to best communicate the allocation decision.

“The committee recommends that all units are placed with the schools and to allow principals to decide how to spend the units. Principals are encouraged to initiate conversations about expectations of a work day with music teachers including:

1) what student contact hours are being used
2) work beyond contract day
3) teachers understanding of units and how co-curricular units are allocated.”

9th Grade Cut Policy

Looked at data from 4A schools across the state. Options:

  1. Caringly make recommendation to consider another activity if cut.
  2. Being consistent at all schools.
  3. Leadership support.
  4. Encourage coaches to be open to opportunities to add another team.
  5. Gather and track data – poll stakeholders about cut policy.
  6. Partnership with Rec Center to give kids an opportunity to participate.

Work will continue on possible wording for this policy.


What to change in process and substance for next year’s survey?

Improve the administration hiccups including question sequencing, remove unnecessary questions, added activities/options.

Are we looking at the data, are we analyzing the data, are we using the data? Can we put this data in the hands of the Academy steering committee?

Recommendation: This committee to create an executive summary that is available to the schools.

Need Job Codes/Descriptions For: ML Swim Coach and Swim Aid ML Nordic Coach and Nordic Aid

The Co-Curricular Committee meets again on May 29, 2014 at 2 p.m.

Members Present: Mark Mathern (cabinet), Amy Rose, Ralph Obrey (NCASE), Shauna VanderLinden (communications/staff), Crystal Mueller (cabinet), Anne La- Plante Miles (NCASE), Tom Rodabaugh (NCASE), Chris Tobin (NCASE), Verba Echols (staff), Ryan Kelly (staff), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Rose Hill, Scott Reinsbach (NCEA), Shannon Fischer (staff), Terry Hooker (staff), Kellie Olson (staff), Connie Brasel (SEIO)



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