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Committee works on updating evaluation tools

Classified Evaluation ad-hoc met and worked on the survey that will go out sometime in May.  The group reviewed the surveys (one for the evaluator and one for the employee) and made several suggestions to help clarify the questions.

Certified Evaluation adhoc group did not meet.  The adhoc group is Dixie , Doreen, Crystal and Angie.

Administrator Evaluation adhoc committee report came from Mike Bond. His update on the committee’s meeting. Mike said there were still lingering questions from the state accountability system.  The group has reached out to staff at the state who are willing to work with district folks to create alignment between the two.  Additionally, the growth component portion of the evaluation is still being developed.

The group brainstormed future topics to work on for each work group evaluation.

  • Certified adhoc needs to determine how to move from one track to another (what needs to be done). Tracks do not determine the paperwork, the cycle determines the paperwork.
  • Classified adhoc is working on the intricacies of each job and which data should be used to review performance.  This data should also be tied to the employee’s goal.
  • The growth plan is an individual growth plan.

In other news, Laser Fisch was approved by the board to serve as a storage area for the digital evaluation.

Association comments:

NCEA – Certified adhoc now has clarification on

Other employee association concerns were embedded in the discussion throughout the meeting.

Next meeting is April 24th from 4-6 p.m.



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This entry was posted on March 31, 2014 by in In Focus.

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