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Board members discuss possible new elementary school sites

The Board Construction Steering Committee met on February 21, 2014 in the library at Natrona County High School. The following items were discussed:

Review of Potential Elementary Sites

Dennis Bay, NCSD’s Executive Director of Business Services, showed committee members possible locations for a new elementary school. The Wyoming School Facilities Department (SFD) has appropriated money for NCSD to purchase new land for a capacity-needs elementary school. The state legislature will consider the appropriations this session.

Bay and the District have started to look at possible locations for this new school. Committee members heard of possible locations in the southeast, west, northwest, and central parts of Casper. Bay highlighted new residential developments that have been planned on both sides of town. He cited this growth as the reasoning behind some of the possible school locations. Committee member Pat Keefe said the District should continue to study where those residential developments are growing, and look for land in those areas. Several of the potential sites that were discussed are in proximity to existing elementary schools, leading committee member Paula Reid to be concerned about a new school replacing an old one and not really adding capacity to the District.

Gym Height at Kelly Walsh High School

At the conclusion of the meeting Board Chair Dave Applegate brought up the issue of the gym height at the new Kelly Walsh High School. Plans call for the gym to be at a height of 26 feet. Bay informed the committee that recently the SFD raised their height regulations from 24 feet to 25 feet – meaning they will pay for anything 25 feet or less. As it stands now, NCSD would have to pay for the extra foot of space as an enhancement. Bay will continue to work with the SFD on a solution. In other KWHS construction news, Bay told the committee that several bid packages for the project have come in under budget.

CAPS/RHS bid to be delayed

Finally, Bay informed the committee that he would push back the bid opening date on the CAPS/Roosevelt High School project because of three similarly-sized building projects within the state that are opening in the next several weeks.

Following the regular portion of the meeting, members toured the progress of the new Student Fitness and Activities Center on the NCHS campus. The SFAC building will serve as swing space starting in September 2014 while the main campus is under construction.

Attendance: Kevin Christopherson, Paula Reid, Rita Walsh, Pat Keefe, Dave Applegate (arrived at conclusion), Dennis Bay, Allen Bruggman



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