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Working Toward Equitable Pay

The Compact Issues Committee met for three full days over March 24-26, 2014 to discuss Employee Compensation for the purpose of providing a recommendation to the Superintendent for the Conceptual Budget. The committee worked hard and made great progress.

As it explored many options surrounding salary and benefits, it discovered the need for more specific data to make the most informed decision to benefit the employees of the Natrona County School District. CIC decided to reconvene on May 12 and 13, 2014. Over the next several weeks, members of CIC will gather and analyze the additional requested data to be presented at the May meeting.

The committee came to consensus on work agreement language changes that will be forwarded for legal review before final adoption.


Members Present: Trustees – Dana Howie, Paula Reid, Dave Applegate, Kevin Christopherson, Elizabeth Horsch, Rita Walsh.  NCEA – Sheila McHattie, Doreen McGlade,  Tasha Smith, Dirk Andrews, Erin Patton, Paulette Parente-Hahn.  NCASE – Marie Puryear, Rene Rickabaugh.  SEIO – Brenda Miller, Wayne Carlson, Connie Brasel.  NCAESS –  Kathy Sedmak, Gayle Schnorenberg, Bobbi VanHouten. Staff/resource – Verba Echols, Mark Mathern, Arlene Steward, Patty Hines, Crystal Mueller, Ryan Kelly, Steve Hopkins, Dawn Cummings, Carol Glasgow, Shauna VanderLinden



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