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Comp Time Issue Routed for Solution

Routing Form Review
The process is designed to solve the problem at the lowest level possible. CLG approved changes to the routing form due to committee structure changes.  Additional work to reflect communication process is requested, small group will work on it and Leader Group will revisit at next month’s meeting.
Process for Problem Solvers
Compact Steering changed PS to an adhoc group and outlined a process for how it receives an issue.
Using the PS Process to Route Issue
NCEA: collaboration and planning for Elementary
A.  Scope the problem, create a well-defined issue – gathered story to create the defined issue.
1) Create a K12 model/solution(s) for updating language in CPED and consistent application as it relates to collaboration, planning and comp time.  Take into consideration: equity, instruction, how to use time to benefit kids, cost, public perception, flush out 70/30%
2) What are other ways to define a day/week to incorporate collaboration K12?
a. within current fiscal boundaries       OR
b. budget responsible
3)  What is the purpose of comp time and how does it support/interfere with instruction/collab/planning time?
a.  history of evolution
b. reasons used
c. athletic/activities usage
d. practice from other districts
e. language in CPED – other duties without pay
Explore comp time, its history, its purpose, cost, use across the state and impact on learning. Propose wording for CPED that provides equal access and obligation for comp time or removes it as a compensated benefit.
B. Determine members/resources/facilitator
Collaboration PS Group
NCASE: Mari Stoll, Anne LaPlante-Miles, Shawna Smith, Dawn DeWald, Tom Rodabaugh, Nicole Rapp, Danna Anderson, Steve Ellbogen, Angie Hayes, Tammy Kelly (1 per level)
Board: Rita Walsh
NCEA: (1 per level), related service provider, +1
NCAESS: Ila Kaiser
Cabinet: 1
Facilitator: Verba
Communicator: Shauna
TIMELINE: Report out monthly.  Solution May 1, 2014.
Comp Time PS Group
NCASE (1 per level)
Board: Dana Howie
NCEA: (1 per level), related service provider, +1
Cabinet: 1
Facilitator: Crystal
Communicator: Shauna
TIMELINE: Report out monthly.  Solution May 1, 2014.
Next meeting March 17.
Members present: Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Tom Ernst (NCASE), Trustee Rita Walsh, Steve Hopkins (staff), Rick Skatula (NCASE), Jeff Brewster (staff), Crystal Mueller (cabinet/staff), Shawna Trujillo (NCASE), Carol Glasgow (staff), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Dawn Cummings (staff), Trustee Elizabeth Horsch, Mark Mathern (cabinet/staff)


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