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Additional Support Needed for Some Elementary Programs


Budget Planning Flow Chart

Schools have submitted their co-curricular unit requests. The co-curricular committee spent time in thoughtful discussion to review the requests and submit a budget recommendation to Superintendent’s Conceptual Budget.

The committee divided into three groups to analyze budget requests and provide co-curricular unit allocation recommendation with justification for each level – elementary, middle and high school.

Unit Payment for Elementary Music Teachers

The committee recommends that all units are placed with the schools and to allow principals to decide how to spend the units. Principals are encouraged to initiate conversations about expectations of a work day with music teachers including:

1) what student contact hours are being used

2) work beyond contract day

3) teachers understanding of units and how co-curricular units are allocated.

Budget Recommendation to Superintendent

After careful review of the budget requests from each site, the committee will recommend to the superintendent:

-Request 12 additional units to increase large elementary schools to 28 units (about $6,000 increase).

-Make Midwest unit allocation of 263 units ongoing.


1. Appropriate funding for ML swim/ski

2. Large elementary schools are using higher % of budget

3. Enrollment increase

4. Data supported

5. 97/100 units have been used in large elementary schools

6. More quality activities being offered

7. Process in place to justify addition of activities

Committee appreciates the work of AD’s and principals for the hard work and getting thoughtful budgets submitted.

Next Meeting April 23, 2014


Members Present: Scott Reinsbach (NCEA), Crystal Mueller (cabinet), Mark Mathern (cabinet), Shannon Jackett (parent), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Tom Rodabaugh (NCASE), Anne LaPlante-Miles (NCASE), Larry Meeboer (NCASE), Chris Tobin (NCASE), Verba Echols (staff), Gary Ukele (staff), Susan Balfour (NCEA), Rose Hill (NCAESS), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Shannon Fischer (staff), Terry Hooker (staff), Kellie Olsen (staff), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Ralph Obray (NCASE)

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