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Monitoring Programs for Student Success

Future Direction for Committee

Under continued leadership of Trustee Horsch and co-chaired by Trustee Howie, this board committee brainstormed and discussed options for direction for the Academic Steering group. 

Its members agreed their work should be a balance and combination of:

1) reviewing programs and initiatives to determine what kind of direction or support that may be needed from the board level when it pertains to academic achievement and student success.

2) facilitate/monitor district resources for systemic review and make/suggest adjustments to ensure success and fiscal responsibility.

Action: The committee will review the State Accountability Model and any additional indicators the district monitors to measure success. 

DLI Update

Dr. Mathern provided a brief update for the Dual Language Immersion program enrollment process. It will be a random selection of those who have filled out the DLI commitment form prior to the enrollment window. It will align with the preference process the district uses for enrollment in any school. 

March Meeting – no meeting due to Spring Break
Next meeting will be April 14, 2014
Members present: Trustee Elizabeth Horsch, Trustee Suzanne Sandoval, Trustee Paula Reid, Steve Hopkins (staff), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Mark Mathern (staff), Trustee Dana Howie, Kelly Hornby (staff), Trustee Rita Walsh


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