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HealthYOUth: Cough drops, and Neosporin, and vitamins …. OH MY!!

Ideally medications should be given at home, however there are times when students must take medications at school either regularly or as needed.

As a reminder ALL medications, OVER-THE-COUNTER and PRESCRIPTION, require a written order from the child’s primary care provider AND the parent/guardian’s signature in order to be given at school.

All medications must be provided by the parent/guardian and must be in their original pharmacy labeled bottle or manufacturer’s original container. The medications are stored in a designated area by the school, not with the student (check with the school for exceptions regarding life saving drugs). Students must take all medications in the presence of the school nurse, principal or principal designee.

As an alternative to this policy the parent/guardian always has the option to come to school and administer medication(s) to their child. If you need further information or have questions about medications in school please contact your child’s school nurse.

HealthYOUth is written by our team of school nurses. It is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Please contact your medical provider if you would like additional information as it pertains to your individual health.



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