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Pay and Benefits Examined

In preparation for the annual March meeting, the Compact Issues Committee met to gather detailed data and understand how potential changes could affect the budget and operation costs. In response to questions gathered from CIC members and their constituents, the financial effects of insurance changes, retirement options, step and lane increases, differential pay for non-traditional shifts, and potential legislative action were presented and discussed. In addition, members examined enrollment projections and a comparative analysis of salaries and benefits of similar sized districts in the state.

As part of the CIC members’ ongoing training, appropriate attitudes and behaviors for each step of the Interest Based Process were reviewed.

AdHoc Committee Reports

Association Release Time AdHoc provided an update on their work:

1) The legality of district-provided financial support for Associations has been researched, with no legal restrictions found.

2) There was interest to increase the amount of support funds.

3) More information will be presented in March.

Childcare AdHoc – Survey results from March 2012 indicated out of 480 respondents, 48% said they would use a childcare facility provided by the district. At that time, employees indicated around 245 children could be served if a NCSD childcare facility were available.

By consensus, CIC recommends NCSD Human Resources develop a detailed proposal for a childcare center for NCSD employees to include exploring options for coordinating with the CAPS program.

Benefit Awareness AdHoc – The committee has brainstormed ideas on how to communicate benefits to employees. Ideas being explored include providing additional information through paycheck stubs, newsletters, new hire orientation, emails, and forums. HR was asked to formulate a specific communication plan to raise employee awareness of their benefits.

Staffing and Evaluation Standing Committees – CIC heard an update of the work happening in the Staffing and Evaluation Committees. Full reports on the monthly meetings are available on under the “In Focus” tab.

Work Agreement Language

Employee groups are working on possible language changes to each of the group’s work agreements.

Consensus was reached on eight changes proposed by NCEA, which included changing the name of the Teacher Employment Document (TED) to Certified Professional Employment Document (CPED). Additional language changes were made to modify and clarify responsibilities and procedures regarding reporting unavailability for work, class size decision-making, class size exceptions, and reporting of physical or verbal assaults against certified employees. Language establishing a “no strike” agreement was added to the CPED. Additional NCEA- proposed language changes will be discussed at later CIC meetings.

Other employee groups are still discussing changes to their work agreements.

The Compact Issues Committee’s annual meeting on salary and benefits is scheduled for March 24, 25, 26, 2014.


Members Present: Trustees – Paula Reid, Dana Howie, Dave Applegate; Superintendent – Steve Hopkins; Cabinet Representatives – Mark Mathern, Verba Echols (for Crystal Mueller); NCASE Representatives – Mike Pyska, Rene Rickabaugh, and Marie Puryear; NCAESS Representatives – Gayle Schnorenberg, Kathy Sedmak, Bobbie VanHouten; NCEA Representatives – Doreen McGlade, Dirk Andrews, Paulette Hahn, Tanya Smith, Erin Patton, Sheila McHattie; SEIO Representatives – Wayne Carlson, Connie Brasel; Resources – Carol Glascow, Dawn Cummings, Ryan Kelly; Communications – Shauna VanderLinden



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