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New Leadership Unit Recommendation Reviewed

Purpose: “To collaboratively study issues surrounding staffing functions, make recommendations to the Superintendent/Cabinet and formulate related communications.”

The Natrona County School District’s Staffing Standing Committee met on January 29. The meeting began with a recap of the recommendation that was formed by an ad-hoc committee regarding the compensation of those employees that perform leadership activities. The goal was to formalize the amount of pay and the process used to determine the amount of pay distributed to leaders at individual campuses for their additional work. Within the recommendation the term “compensated leader” was defined: a person who facilitates, arranges, works with teams, ensures focus, oversees, establishes timelines, secures input, monitors progress, provides updates, and prepares documentation beyond the work day.

Questions and concerns were raised which led to changes in the recommendation. Among the concerns was one verbalized by NCHS principal Dean Kelly. Kelly was concerned about compensating leadership units by experience rather than the hours spent on the leadership activity.

Verda James Elementary principal Steve Ellbogen shared his concerns that some schools will lose significant funding. The schools stand to lose this funding because the new formula proposed in the recommendation include student population, so some smaller schools would end up with a smaller allocation than previously. Those schools are: Woods Learning Center, Roosevelt High School, Frontier Middle School, Poison Spider, and Mills.

Because of this concern, discussion centered around possibly asking for a budget increase in that specific fund to keep those schools at a minimum of $5,000 each.

Other discussions centered on making considerations to providing money for programs in addition to campuses. This idea had a few supporters, but several naysayers as well. The latter’s argument was that students aren’t counted twice in the proposed allocation formula. Their point was that every “program student” has a home school somewhere else where he/she has already been counted.

The committee decided to consider the recommendation further until the following week when the next meeting is held.

Next, the committee discussed some of the items on the agenda that time didn’t allow for, including the Special Education allocation item. The plan is to discuss this item during the Feb. 5 meeting.

To close the meeting, committee members heard comments/concerns from representatives from each of the four employee associations. The comments are as follows:


–       Had numerous items they are trying to prioritize

–       Discussed comp time and substitute demands


–       Doreen McGlade will now permanently replace Wendy McGregor on the committee, due to a conflict in McGregor’s schedule.

–       Other recommendations to CPED


–       Discussed the need for summer school help, outside of the calendar (temporary)


–       Discussed the need for more classified employee time at FMS/CCA

The next scheduled Staffing Committee meeting is on February 5, 2014.

Members in Attendance: Crystal Mueller (Leader), Dawn Cummings (Recorder), Steve Ellbogen (NCASE), Walt Wilcox (NCASE), Dean Kelly (NCASE), Ted Hanson (NCASE), Scott Honken (NCASE), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Wayne Tuttle (NCEA), Dirk Andrews (NCEA), Sonja Leimback (NCEA), Patty Hines (HR), Verba Echols (HR), Mark Mathern (C&I), Ryan Kelly (BFS), Allen Bruggman (Community Partnerships).



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