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Spanish DLI Clears Another Step

Recommendation for Funding Additional SF for KWHS and NCHS

Board Budget Development recommends to Board to fund additional square footage for the Natrona County High School and Kelly Walsh High School from Board Priority Funding as the costs are incurred.

RATIONALE: The design and construction of the renovated NCHS contemplates additional CTE square footage. The design and construction of the KWHS building contemplates additional square footage for common space. The design and construction teams for both of these projects have informed the District the overall costs will be significantly reduced with a commitment to fund these enhancements. This is due to the design and construction of the portions of the buildings where this additional space is located is occurring now or the next few months. A commitment at a later date will cause additional costs to go back and add the space at a later time.

The NCHS additional space, if committed, to now will cost $530,000 with funding needed in FY 2015. Should this space be added in the second phase of construction, the cost will increase by $140,000. The KWHS additional space, if committed to now, will cost $115,000 with funding needed in FY 2014. Should this space be committed to later the cost will increase by $40,000.

Adding Spanish DLI at Park

BBD recommends to the Board that Park Elementary School become a DLI school for Spanish using the 50/50 Dual Language design for one section beginning in kindergarten and one section in first grade. It is recommended that class size be set at 20 per section with educational support personnel in the classroom to assist with larger class size.

Money to fund the program will come from Park Elementary’s budget and will require no additional funding requests.

Grant Summary Reports

Grant managers presented an overview on the grants the district receives and how those monies are utilized.

Title IA – provides educational opportunities in schools with a high concentration of children from low-income families. The intent is to help children meet the same high standards that all children are expected to achieve. Thirteen public schools receive Title I funding that total $3.9 million. Currently serves 3,133 students and funds 28.85 teachers and 18.56 paraprofessionals, along with 0.5 director and 1 administrative specialist. Managed by: Mike Bond

Title ID – ensures that neglected and delinquent children and youth will have the opportunity to meet the challenging state standards needed to further their education and become productive members of society. NCSD uses these funds, totaling $477, 486, for school response officers, student advocates, dropout prevention, tutoring, and professional development. Managed by: Dean Braughton

McKinney-Vento – provides grant money to assist in ensuring that homeless children receive the same free and equitable education as any other student. The grant is used to facilitate the enrollment, attendance, and success of homeless children and youth in obtaining a successful education for about 1,000 students. Managed by: Dean Braughton

Title IIA – provides staff development to promote teacher quality, including highly qualified teachers and principals in schools. This funding totals $1.4 million for 2013-14. Managed by: Jeff Brewster

Title III – English Language Learners – ensures that Limited English Proficient (LEP) children become proficient in English and meet challenging state standards. NCSD uses the $43,803 to supplement curriculum and professional development. Managed by: Dean Braughton

Title VIB IDEA 611 – provides training and support of both regular and special education staff to target needs of students with disabilities, identify children with suspected disabilities, and develop and implement transition programs for students with disabilities who are 16 and older. The $3 million is used to provide free appropriate public education to student with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Managed by: Tammie Bertelson/Norm Cox

Title VIB IDEA 619 – provides for transition of children with disabilities from pre-school to kindergarten, teacher and teacher assistant salaries for a 6-week program during the summer before the children begin kindergarten and for transition supplies. The $8,227 is utilized to transition children fron the Child Development Center to district services. Managed by Tammie Bertelson/Norm Cox

Perkins (Vocational Education) – provides $300, 649 to assist secondary school in meeting the additional costs of approved career and technical education programs. Managed by: Jamie Cordinier

BOCES – provides funds for cooperative programs between Casper College and Natrona County Schools. The $877, 600 helps provide college level classes for high school students. Managed by: Janet Hoyt

Recreation Board – provides about $1 million for educational and professional development efforts. The money funds Discover which provides enrichment to students while their teachers engage in PD during school hours. Managed by: Kelly Eastes

IF Grant – provides ongoing instructional coaching and mentoring for teachers to follow-up PD and to help implement instructional practices. This $2.9 million grant is managed by Cheryl Gettings.

The Board Budget Development Committee meets again on Feb. 24, 2014 at 3 p.m.

Members present: Trustee Paula Reid, Steve Hopkins (staff), Ryan Kelly (business services), Shellie Kirk (business services),Trustee Kevin Christopherson, Trustee Dana Howie, Trustee Elizabeth Horsch, Walt Wilcox (NCASE), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Rose Hill (NCAESS), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Steve Ellbogen (NCASE), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Trustee Rita Walsh, Trustee Pat Keefe, Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Dietra Kessel (parent), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Mark Mathern (staff)




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