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Mustangs Fight for Ben

Mustangs Stand for Ben!

Mustangs Stand for Ben!

As one of hundreds of kids that walk the halls at Natrona County High School, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd. But for NCHS’ Ben Doyle, Jan. 28 was his day to stand out in the crowd.

Ben is a senior and is described as a wonderful, caring young man. Two years ago, Ben received a life changing diagnosis when his doctor told him he had brain cancer. Over the last few years, he has undergone surgery and treatment for the cancer.

Two of his teachers, Julie Patterson and Brian Sanders, recognized the struggle this must be for Ben and his family. The two wanted to figure out a way to show support for Ben.  Ms. Patterson’s class designed special t-shirts that featured “We Fight with Ben.” Under the direction of Ms. Patterson and Mr. Sanders, the t-shirts were sold as a fundraiser. The money will go toward Ben’s medical and college expenses.

On Jan. 28, Ben returned to school from his most recent surgery. What greeted him brought him and his mom to tears. His peers, classmates, teachers, NC staff and several community members proud donned their special t-shirts on this special day and warmly welcomed Ben back to school.

Ben (middle) stands alongside Mr. Brian Sanders (left) and Ms. Julie Patterson (right)  ©Natrona County School District 2014

Ben (middle) stands alongside Mr. Brian Sanders (left) and Ms. Julie Patterson (right)
©Natrona County School District 2014

From Julie Patterson, NCHS English Teacher and Coordinator of “We Fight with Ben”        “From the moment we all arrived this morning, the Spirit of NC was alive and well. Every floor indicated a sense of community, of compassion that was enough to invigorate any visitor. The support from this Orange/Black/Grey community was certainly noticed and I have never felt so proud to walk around this great school. Thank you all, for your support of Ben Doyle, our muse. I am sure that everywhere he walked today, he felt loved, and more importantly, he felt the Spirit of NC within. We are a strong unit with a sense of pride that is unmatched at educational institutions around America. I have never been so proud to be a Mustang. Every Student. Every Chance. Everyday. should mean a little more to us all after this experience. THANK YOU to the students and staff who worked to make this day happen and most importantly, THANK YOU to Brian Sanders. Every Friday, we wear Orange and Black. Let’s keep the Spirit of this day alive until the rest of the school year with our school colors and our We Fight With Ben tshirts. What a GREAT day to be a Mustang!!!!!”  

Thank you to the Casper Star Tribune and K2TV for their coverage of this amazing event!


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