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‘Good Neighbor’ Road Now Open

Students now have an alternate access route to the Kelly Walsh High School student parking lot. A road has been built from East 12th Street and is now open.

The road connects 12th Street to the parking lot and runs west of the KWHS practice/soccer fields. As part of the district’s good neighbor commitment, the road was built to help alleviate traffic in the residential neighborhood along Forest Drive and Ivy. Students and other users of the lot are encouraged to utilize this new access point.

The road was completed by Sampson Construction – the contractor on the new KWHS campus – and features built-in erosion mitigation and drainage. Fencing was also placed on either side of the road to respect the privacy of the homes along this road. Funding for the road came from monies allocated for construction of the new Kelly Walsh High School campus.

The road can be accessed by eastbound traffic via a left turn-in off of East12th Street and by westbound traffic via a right turn-in off of East 12th Street.


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This entry was posted on January 13, 2014 by in Community, Transform.

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