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Two New Sports on the Horizon

Students Weigh in on Activities

Once again, the district activities and athletics department is asking the students how they feel about the activities offered in schools. The Voice of the Student Survey is given to grades 4, 7, and 10. This survey gauges student interest and participation in co-curricular activities. The data is shared with building administrators to help them budget their co-curricular units for the upcoming fiscal year.

The committee set a survey window of Jan. 7 – 31, 2014. The link will be sent to schools from the AD office.  Teachers of students in grade 4, 7, and 10 will be asked to administer this survey in the given time frame.

Overnight Trips for ML

Extensive work has gone into formulating administrative regulations for Policy 5341 – Secondary School Student Activity Travel. Under discussion is meal allowance, hotel stays, and equity amongst middle school and high school activities.

Draft regulations will be taken back to an adhoc committee to gather additional middle level leadership input.

New Sports on Horizon

Up until now, there had been no procedure for how to handle new activities or sports requests.  Using a newly devised Co-Curricular Criteria Assessment Tool, an adhoc group reviewed four applications for new sports – HS Girls Softball, ML Soccer, ML Swimming, and ML Nordic Skiing.

Weighing each one against the criteria, the strongest applications came from swimming and Nordic skiing as these are already established programs that have been funded either from HS units or AD operation funds. The committee will continue work to determine funding options, including working with the current co-curricular matrix formula to make units available for these ML sports.

Letters will be sent to the applicants to explain the decision and outline the criteria used.

The criteria assessment tool (Co-Curricular Criteria Assessment Tool) will be added to the application packet for future requests.

The Co-Curricular Standing Committee meets again on Jan. 22, 2014.

Members Present: Susan Balfour (NCEA), Chris Tobin (NCASE), Anne LaPlante-Miles (NCASE), Ryan Kelly (staff), Gary Ukele (staff), Tom Ernst (guest staff resource), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Shannon Jackett (parent), Sheila McHattie (NCEA), Terry Hooker (staff), Kellie Olson (staff), Shannon Fischer (NCAESS/staff), Mark Mathern (cabinet/facilitator), Amy Rose, Larry Moeeber 


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