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Middle School Travel for Activities

A subcommittee of the Co-Curricular Standing Committee completed the bulk of the work on revising and updating Policy 5341 – Secondary Schools Student Activity Travel – to present to the whole group.

Currently, the policy doesn’t address specifically middle level activities or sports. This work would outline what is acceptable for middle school participants.

The major changes the whole committee agreed upon are capping the distance of travel to 150 miles beyond the state borders, that meals be paid for at the same rate as high school participants, that groups travel together whenever appropriate, buses should return no later than 2 a.m. for the safety of drivers, parents, and students, and aligned number of players allowed to travel with WHSAA guidelines on how many students can participate per school.

In addition, travel and meal cost should be covered by the budget already allocated to the buildings at the discretion of the building administration. Overnight travel must be approved through the school’s principal. Travel costs beyond the 150 miles border limit will become the responsibility of the building.

Next steps for this policy are to adjust the regulations to reflect these changes and work through inconsistencies within the regs. Once the regulations are complete and agreed upon by the committee, it will be forwarded to the superintendent for approval.


The Co-Curricular Standing Committee meets again on Dec. 18, 2013 at 4 p.m.

Members Present: Anne LaPlante-Miles (NCASE), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Sheila McHattie (NCEA), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Terry Hooker (staff), Kellie Olson (staff), Verba Echols (staff), Tom Rodabaugh (NCASE), Larry Moeber, Shannon Jackett (parent), Syd Webb (staff/resource), Susan Balfour (NCEA), Bev Jackson (NCAESS), Amy Rose, Scott Reinsbach (NCEA), Chris Tobin (NCASE), Mark Mathern (cabinet/facilitator), Crystal Mueller (cabinet)






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