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CIC Identifies Needs for March Salary and Benefits Discussion

Prep Work

To prepare and gather important data for the annual meeting on Salaries and Benefits, the Compact Issues Committee (CIC) gathered on Dec. 2, 2013. This is the first of two meetings prior to the March meeting.

True to the Compact, CIC follows the Interest Based Agreement Process (IBAP) to discuss issues and come to consensus on decisions. With a diverse and comprehensive group of employees represented, facilitators Jermitt Krage and Randy Zila, stressed how important it is to follow the process with an open mind, respectful words and effective communication. In an effort to offer a refresher for some and a brief introduction and overview for others, Krage and Zila reviewed the components of the IBAP and commended the work of CIC in its ability to work so well together. The intention for today is to provide the needed information and training for success in the March meeting. Members won’t have to take extra time understanding the process and can spend more time working through the issues at hand.

The group was reminded that its major work is to create a Salary and Benefits package that keeps the interests of all compact stakeholders in mind, which includes being fiscally responsible. CIC’s recommendation is forwarded to the superintendent and the Budget Committee to be considered for the Superintendent’s Conceptual Budget. If there are changes between the recommendations of these groups, CIC reconvenes to review the changes and possibly offer further recommendations.

Work Agreement Language Changes

Part of coming to an equitable proposal for Salaries and Benefits is making sure language in work agreements is current, understandable and still applicable. Each employee group (NCEA, SEIO, and NCAESS) presented sections of their work agreements where potential changes might be appropriate. Work agreements include language regarding association release time and employee working conditions, evaluations, and grievances procedures. Administrators do no not have a work agreement. Instead, as part of management, they follow Board Policy 2120.

The Future of Problem Solvers Committee

Problem Solvers is an established committee within the Compact governance structure. As per the Compact, the committee originally met once a month.  In recent years, the Problem Solvers Committee has experienced difficulty with clear definition of problems routed to the group and inconsistent membership.  In order to respond more quickly to problems and to involve appropriate stakeholders in solving the problems, the Compact Steering Committee (CSC) recommended that Problem Solvers be continued on an ad hoc basis, comprised of targeted stakeholders to solve specific issues.

Consensus from CIC was to change the Compact language regarding the Problem Solvers Committee to read:

Delete – “Meet monthly with additional meetings scheduled as needed.”

Insert – “Meet on an ad hoc basis.”

Annual Review on Compact Language

Representatives from CSC reported that the work was just beginning on the annual review of the Compact.  There will be a further report at the January CIC meeting.

Needs for March Meeting

To ensure the group has what it needs in March, facilitators led small group work to determine what information and data is needed to help make the March meeting smooth and efficient.  The small groups were comprised of the members from similar work classifications.   Staff and committee members will present data on the following topics in January.


  1. Clear Understanding of Obligations
  2. Potential Revenues/Appropriations
  3. Impact of steps and education
  4. Projected enrollment
  5. Impact of insurance changes


  1. Cost implications
  2. Sick leave payout – data
  3. Payment of Health Insurance Premiums as a voluntary retirement incentive – cost implications
  4. Salary – How do our days worked and salaries compare to other districts?
  5. COLA
  6. Hedonic Index
  7. How much is currently given to each employee group?
  8. How closely are we sticking to funding model provided by legislature?
  9. Questions about market analysis
  10. Cost implications of raising base salary
  11. Comparisons to other districts
  12. Travel time between buildings during the day


  1. How many employees affected for differential pay?
  2. How many non-260 people are not getting holiday pay?
  3. Cost implications of sick leave changes.
  4. Cost implications of base pay increase.
  5. Cost implications of granting education incentive.


  1. Prioritizing the proposed language changes to work docs since there are so many
  2. Contract Samples need to be added to CIC members’ notebooks for administrators and Cabinet members
  3. Board 2120 policy was retired/Administrative regs are no longer connected to a policy
  4. Clarity of how/where principal/director benefits are defined
  5. Training opportunities should be defined in compensation packages
  6. Purpose statement needs revised

Committees of CIC

The committee reviewed the CIC ad hoc groups and reaffirmed members of those groups. Reports will be given in the January meeting.

Association Release Funds – to determine how money is given to each employee group.


            Crystal Mueller

            Doreen McGlade

            Gayle Schnorenberg

            Paula Reid

            Rene’ Rickabaugh

            Dirk Andrews

            Connie Brasel

Benefit Awareness – to increase communication and build awareness of benefits that are available to staff.


            Crystal Mueller

            Mike Pyska

            Tanya Smith

            Wayne Carlson

            Bobbie VanHouten

Child Care – to study the cost and feasibility of district-provided childcare service for employees.


            Crystal Mueller

            Marci Kutzer

            Noelle Clark

            Marie Puryear

            Coebie Taylor-Logan

            Brenda Miller

            Bev Jackson

Quality process for teacher absences – ad hoc team from HR, as assigned by LG.  Doreen McGlade will be added to this group.

The CIC will meet again in January to complete prep work for the March Salaries and Benefits meeting. 

Members Present: Bev Jackson (NCAESS), Bobbie VanHouten (NCAESS), Trustee Dana Howie, Trustee Rita Walsh, Trustee Paula Reid, Trustee Elizabeth Horsch, Steve Hopkins (Cabinet), Tanya Smith (NCEA), Dirk Andrews (NCEA), Sheila McHattie (NCEA), Paulette ParenteHahn (NCEA), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Brenda Miller (SEIO), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Mike Pyska (NCASE), Marie Puryear (NCASE), Rene’ Rickabaugh (NCASE), Mark Mathern (Cabinet), Crystal Mueller (Cabinet), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Carol Glasgow (staff)
Members Absent: Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Erin Patton (NCEA)



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