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Tech Plan in Buildings Developed

The Natrona County School District’s Technology Advisory Committee held their regular meeting on December 5th. Feedback from the various associations represented ranged from Infinite Campus concerns at the elementary level from parents to Google password being reset for students and continuing questions on the Tech Store.

The committee discussed iPads and passwords and how the iPads are wiped automatically after 9 attempts to enter the password. Technology If’s will formulate a recommendation on how to address this issue in the schools for student utilized machines. As far as staff Ipads go, many staff set up accounts on the district iPads using their personal email accounts. The committee would like staff to utilize their district email for an Apple account to help separate private from personal use.

They discussed a need for additional dollars to increase IT infrastructure to accommodate older buildings and the increased need for connectivity that is reliable. Federal dollars might be available to help with the upgrades.

Laptops are sitting in storage at Kelly Walsh waiting to be properly formatted for student use. IT is working to get these formatted as soon as possible. They determined a greater level of coordination is needed when schools purchase computers so proper formatting can be applied in a timely manner.

The committee then spent time working on the development of Tech Plans in buildings. They discussed the full implementation of Policy 6600 and items that would be necessary to provide a template to schools by the deadline, so plans can be developed. The template will be more of a form that schools can fill out to help simplify the process.

The Tech Committee will meet again on January 30, at Central Office.

Members of Committee in attendance: Mark Mathern (leader), Sarah Prosinski (recorder), Kathy Neely (NCASE), Christopher Dresang (NCASE), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Leah Lange (NCEA), Linda Krafft (NCEA), Brant Jungck (NCEA), Melissa Henry (NCEA), Crystal Mueller (HR), Cheryl Caster (HR), Mary Holt (HR/IT), Jeff Brewster (HR), Eric Tewes (IT), Diane Edgar (C&I), David Golen (IF), Duane Reimer (KWHS), Denise Miller (IF)



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