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Off with their Hair

There’s the ZZ Top, the Duck Dynasty, the peach fuzz, the 5 o’clock shadow, the scruff, the goatee, the soul patch, the chops, the chin curtain. Whatever you call it, November was all about the beard for 20 Misters at Dean Morgan Junior High.

No Shave November - Week 1

No Shave November – Week 1

The whiskered teachers bravely offered to grow out their facial hair all for the sake of raising money for charity. For the month of November, as the beards filled in and the chins started getting covered, students could donate cash. Whichever block raised the most money earned the right to decide how their teachers would shave at the end of the month. All of the money raised goes to the United Way of Natrona County.  The No Shave November campaign at Dean Morgan raised $550!

No Shave November - Week 3

No Shave November – Week 3

After three weeks of having the luxury of not shaving, the men held their breath to find out what work of art their razors will be expected to perform. The resulting works of art wowed all!

Now that December is here, you can almost bet you will probably see many of the weird beards long gone. Who knows, maybe a few of the men have grown fond of their new look and will keep it a while.

Special thanks to Paul Jimenez for his help in the weekly updates and for the final pictures posted in this blog.

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