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Discussion on leadership pay comes into focus

Purpose: “To collaboratively study issues surrounding staffing functions, make recommendations to the Superintendent/Cabinet and formulate related communications.”

The Natrona County School District’s Staffing Standing Committee met on November 6. The meeting began with comments/concerns from representatives from each of the four employee associations. The comments are as follows:


  • NCASE representatives are continuing to develop a recommendation regarding the issue of more support needed at 4/3 elementary schools in the positions of administrative manager or assistant principal.
  • On Oct. 24 a group of principals met to make sure all elementary schools have good coverage from nurses; findings and a recommendation will come from NCASE to the Staffing Committee
  • ELL recommendations from Student Support Services office
  • Staffing implications of possible changes to district-wide calendar
  • Discussed a possible need of grounds crews at every school


  • Nurses based on numbers vs. needs
  • Custodial work
  • Counselors at elementary schools
  • Academy-based learning model and its effect on high school teachers’ hours
  • High school counselors flex time during the summer
  • Concerns about the move from 17:1 to 18:1 (student to teacher ratio), and the Dual Language Immersion ratio being 22:1
  • Concerns with Instructional Facilitators in certain buildings, difficulty in scheduling
  • Discussed need for a fulltime employee at Transitions for the P.E. class


  • Would like to see updates on the custodial/maintenance model


  • Discussed the need for additional staff (220 employees) for clerical staff at the secondary level
  • Discussed the need for additional days for Athletic & Activities Facilitators at the middle level

After hearing association comments, the group’s goals (discussed at the previous meeting) were agreed upon. The new goals are as follows:

Goal #1 – Recommend to superintendent changes to staffing model by March 2014.

  • Improve Custodial/Maintenance delivery system
  • Identify exception to the formula
  • Prioritize and develop recommendation from identified staffing issues
  • Evaluate the impact of staffing changes to increase requirement of staff
  • Evaluate certified staff ratios including other Certified Teacher

Goal #2 – Evaluate staffing plans, on an on-going basis, to align with district goals as measured through equity, student focus, and safety.

  • Create staffing plans for all work groups (identify work groups not currently addressed by existing plans)
  • Implement staffing plans for all work groups
  • Monitor staffing plans for all work groups
  • Improve staffing plans for all work groups
  • Establish guidelines to address exceptions and special circumstances
  • Study/analyze standard system-wide data reports for each work group

Next the committee went into the topic of “adult units” or leadership units. Leadership units are used to compensate employees for leadership work done outside the scope of their contract.

The committee continued to grapple with the idea of distributing the leadership unit funds. They discussed that the boundaries for the distribution of the funds are the dollar figures of the two sources ($220,684.90 for adult activities for school improvement and $212,000 in C&I School Improvement funds) and possible limitations from the Teacher Employment Document (TED).

In order to better tackle the issue of leadership units and how they will be allocated, the group came up with a list of questions that will frame the discussion. Those questions are as follows:

  • Who is currently getting the leadership unit pay?
  • What is the breakdown by schools of current leadership unit distribution?
  • What is the total amount of money available in terms of coordinator pay, leader units, and SIAAR money?
  • What positions are not being compensated, but should be?
  • What are the leadership needs at the schools?

These questions will guide the group at the next scheduled Staffing Committee meeting on December 4.

Members in Attendance: Verba Echols (Leader), Dawn Cummings (Recorder), Cheryl Caster (HR), Steve Ellbogen (NCASE), Walt Wilcox (NCASE), Mike Bond (HR), Ted Hanson (NCASE), Scott Honken (NCASE), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Dirk Andrews (NCEA), Wayne Tuttle (NCEA), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Sonja Leimback (NCEA), Jeff Brewster (HR), Mark Mathern (C&I), Allen Bruggman (Community Partnerships), Jason Wynia (SEIO), Ryan Kelly (BFS)


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