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Making Efficient Use of Technology

The Natrona County School District’s Technology Advisory Committee held its regular meeting on November 7th.  As outlined by NCSD Cabinet, the purpose of the committee is:  To collaboratively develop and maintain technology plans that support the strategic direction of the district, make recommendations to the Superintendent/Cabinet and formulate related communications.

Drew Walker facilitated introductions (none needed) and stated the purpose of the committee.

Drew showed the “response to operational items” posted in the Google Drive.  He said the iPad Apps could get to the point that it will take days instead of months.  A work around on tracking the purchases has been remedied.  Student iPads are still difficult to add apps to.

He talked about a process to vet apps that will have the most value.

The issues with the Tech store are being worked around by making purchases outside of the Tech store.  Drew thinks they might take down the Tech store. Principals are not sure where the funding resides for the Tech store. The store was originally set up to have some limits on purchasing of machines in the inventory.  A sub-committee was formed to take care of the store. Christopher, Diane, Cathy, Denise, Kevin and Drew.

Getting machines to students is still a problem.  Drew and his team are working on streamlining the process.

WiFi connectivity in buildings will be worked on in the tech plans.

Machines for adults are purchased, as money is available.

Association feedback


  • A request to be allowed to make purchases from the approved list outside of the store.

  • Concern about assistant access to machines that are not in use.


  • New machines won’t play dvd or cd.

  • No iPads in the classrooms. (CY)

  • Google passwords are frustrating

  • Google trainers are not training (don’t have permission)

  • Battery longevity is an issue.

  • Facebook access is an issue in the buildings


  • Still waiting on some iPads to be delivered. (Frontier)

  • Access to machines by assistants


  • No rep present

Parent group:

  • Glad to hear that the issues are being resolved

The different tasks were assigned to either this committee or IT. Mark Mathern asked what the committee would like school technology plans to look like.

Drew introduced a tech plan template and deployment plan.  Mark broke the committee into four groups to make suggestions to improve the template for March’s deadline.

The groups reported out on their ideas.  Some items did not make sense on the template so replacement suggestions were offered. The intent is to make the template useful and easy for schools to use to develop their plan.  There was a need to have resources that will support the template. Some suggestions include approved tech devices.  The suggested changes will be made and an updated template will be presented at the next meeting.

Members of Committee (in attendance): Mark Mathern (leader), Sarah Prosinski (recorder), Mike Britt (NCASE), Chad Sharpe (NCASE), Kevin Pagett (NCASE), Kathy Neely (NCASE), Christopher Dresang (NCASE),  Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS),  Leah Lange (NCEA), Jill Sutherland (NCEA), Linda Krafft (NCEA), Brant Jungck (NCEA), Jill Thompson (NCEA), Melissa Henry (NCEA),  Cheryl Caster (HR), Mary Holt (HR/IT), Jeff Brewster (HR), Drew Walker (HR/IT), Diane Edgar (C&I), Kelly Eastes (Community Partnerships), Dietra Kessel (parent), David Golen (IF), Duane Reimer (KWHS), Lisa Allen (CJH), Denise Miller (IF), Chrissy Owen (Summit)
Members Absent: Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Brenda Miller (SEIO), Bev Jackson (NCAESS), Paula Chapman (NCAESS), Crystal Mueller (HR), Jeff Hauk (HR).


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