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New Sports Under Consideration

SMART Goals Outlined

Working from the superintendent’s seven deployment action plans for the committee, two SMART goals were crafted providing clear direction for the group.

1. By June 2014, the Co-Curricular Standing Committee will be efficient in its operations as measured by response times to questions coming to the committee.

2. By June 2014, 90% of students will be effectively engaged in co-curricular activities as measured by participation rate of students.

Feedback: Goal 2 initially stated a 100% participation rate. This raised concerns. Is 100% too lofty? Do we have enough money to support it? Should we include outside NCSD activities, like Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, 4H, etc.? What is our current rate and should we base our goal on improving that rate in smaller increments? Many high school students have jobs that could affect whether they can participate in co-curricular activity. The consensus was to change the goal to 90% participation rate.

Terry Hooker reported that current secondary participation was at 76% or around 4,000 students.

Timeline for Deployment Action Plans 1 & 2

At last month’s meeting, the group set fall deadlines on two action plans. Work began on review of Board Policy 5341- overnight trips for middle level students involved in co-curricular activities. Currently the ML handbook prohibits overnight trips for ML students, but it is not stated as part of board policy or admin regulations. Choir, Destination Imagination, and History are currently participating in overnight trips, while athletics have been prohibited.

The committee, working in small groups, generated some questions in addressing this policy and discussed ideas for possible solutions, but the group deemed any solution as premature until additional questions could be considered.


What should be the price on meals per student?

Can we gather information to reach a cap on meals with an average based on the history of expenses?

What are the overnight trips currently being allowed?

Which choir is taking overnight trips? Why? How?

What overnight trips have been requested through transportation?

Do we know how many trips have been allowed for ML?

How many students may not have the ability to pay travel costs?

The group also worked on opportunities for innovation in co-curricular activities/sports requests. Before the committee were the requests of adding unit allocation for ML swimming, ML Nordic skiing, ML soccer, and HS girls softball. Mr. Hooker reported, swimming (up to 150 participants) and Nordic skiing (up to 80 participants) are available at the middle level but are coached by high school coaches and funded from high school units and Athletics and Activities Dept. The request to add ML soccer has been on the table for two or three years. The committee pointed to things to consider when reviewing these requests: do other school districts offer the sport in order to have competition and is there a state sanctioned program already in place?

Additional questions were brought to the table:

What is the criteria to justify adding a new sport? (Sanctioned)

Concern on travel and costs?

Where do we find funds for additional sports?

What would the potential cost of requested new sports?

What is already available as part of community clubs?

How would it impact community team sports?

What do other districts our SIZE do?

Would we cut the ML sports programs that lack participation?

How are the units divided if we have all the ML schools participating on the same team?

The committee will continue to work on these two action plans with the intention of having recommendations to the superintendent by the end of November.

Association Comments:

NCEA – there is interest in understanding the history of the evolvement of the co-curricular unit matrix.

Action Item: Communication will be created by Community Partnerships and Terry Hooker and publish to website.

The co-curricular standing committee’s next meeting will be Nov. 20, 2013 from 4 – 6 p.m.

Members Present: Dr. Mark Mathern (facilitator), Anne LaPlante-Miles (NCASE), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Scott Reinsbach (NCEA), Bev Jackson (NCAESS), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Ryan Kelly (staff), Gary Ukele (staff), Susan Balfour (NCEA), Ralph Obrey (NCASE), Sheila McHattie (NCEA), Kevin Padgett (NCASE), Terry Hooker (staff), Kellie Olson (staff), Amy Rose (NCASE), Verba Echols (staff)
Excused: Brenda Miller, Chris Tobin, Tom Rodabaugh, Crystal Mueller, Larry Meeboer, Shannon Jackett



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