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NCHS Teacher Nominated for National Award

Natrona County High School is pleased to announce that teacher Mr. Scott Underbrink has been nominated for the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Mr. Underbrink teaches French and Russian at NCHS.

Each year, the University of Chicago invites entering first-years to nominate an educator who has changed them, challenged them, or helped them along the path toward intellectual growth. The university has received letters back from hundreds of students, inspired by teachers who have changed the course of their lives, taught them to re-imagine texts, to delve deeper into problem-solving, and to think beyond the borders of the classroom in the pursuit of their own education.

The University of Chicago is heartened to see that Natrona County High School fosters and supports such outstanding individuals such as Mr. Scott Underbrink.

Our sincerest congratulations to Mr. Underbrink on this nomination.


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