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Charting the Course for the Compact

In an organization that is committed to continuous improvement, measuring where you are seems to be a good first step in moving forward. After three and a half years of educating staff on The Compact through Milepost Training, the Compact Steering Committee (CSC) reformatted the Milepost lesson plans, making them less scripted, more adaptable to each building, and offered a window of time in which leaders could offer the training. A voluntary survey of participating staff showed generally positive feedback on the change. The committee analyzed the data from the survey, attached here, (Certified_Milepost_10102013, Classified_Milepost_10102013, All_Staff_Milepost_10092013, Administrator_Milepost_10102013). The group decided to keep the survey and administer it again in January and May to compare data and to make improvements to the Milepost training based on the feedback. Dr. Crystal Mueller noted that it’s important to understand the purpose behind the collection of data so that respondents feel it is worth their time to complete the survey. District-wide 91% of the staff participated in the first Milepost training of the school year.

Next Steps for Problem Solvers

Tasked with determining how the Problem Solvers Committee fits in our current culture, a small group of CSC members presented its straw design to the full group. According to the Compact, Problem Solvers is to provide assessment and recommendations for solutions to issues as assigned by the Leader Group. Because Problem Solvers has been struggling as of late, Leader Group asked CSC to study and recommend how to proceed with the Problem Solvers committee.

Ruth P., Mark M., Gayle S., and Jeff B., studied the options and recommended that to honor the Compact, the Problem Solvers should continue to exist, but on an AdHoc basis. In  addition, CSC would continue to study the usage of Problem Solvers. Also the participants would be determined dependent on the issue being addressed. When a problem has been identified by Leader Group, the AdHoc committee can convene. The recommendation will be forwarded to Compact Issues Committee .

Utilizing Outside Facilitators

On the request of Leader Group, CSC is reviewing and studying the requirement of the Compact to use outside facilitators for Compact Issues Committee (CIC). After completing the story and issues process at September’s meeting, CSC wishes to continue with the IBAP process including a straw design for options before calling for a consensus decision on a recommendation.

The Year Ahead for CSC

Compact Steering has a concise direction for the months ahead as members prioritized tasks for the year. The top actions are:

  • Annual review of the Compact.
  • Training for new employees on the Compact.
  • Reasons for outside facilitators.
  • Training needs for new leadership.
  • External audience needs to know who NCSD is.
  • Push on application for 2nd Milepost training.

The next meeting for the Compact Steering Committee is set for Nov. 14 at  7:30 a.m.

Members: Crystal Mueller, Mike Bond, Angela Hensley, Danna Anderson (NCASE), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Jeff Brewster, Ted Hanson (NCASE), Connie Brasel (SEIO), Rita Walsh, Audrey Cotherman, Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Coebie Taylor-Logan (NCASE), Amanda Yentes (NCEA), Brenda Miller (SEIO), Shauna VanderLinden (staff), Ralph Obrey (NCASE), Ruth Putnam (NCAESS), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Carol Glasgow (staff) — Members Absent: Mark Mathern (NCSD Cabinet), Trustee Dave Applegate, Steve Hopkins (NCSD Superintendent)



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