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Technology Advisory Committee Moves Forward

Purpose: To collaboratively develop and maintain technology plans that support the strategic direction of the district, make recommendations to the Superintendent/Cabinet and formulate related communications.

The Natrona County School District’s Technology Advisory Committee held their regular meeting on October 3.  To begin, Drew Walker facilitated introductions and stated the purpose of the committee.

Association feedback:


  • Principals want the group to address apps on ipads and the efficiency of getting them installed.
  • An issue with ordering through the tech store.  Some things ordered in July have yet to arrive.
  • Still having issues getting machines to kids


  • Concerns about nurses needing new computers.  They are looking for funding.
  • Wanting assistance with various pieces of technology (train someone locally) and app buying.
  • WiFi and connectivity in buildings are also and issue
  • Inadequate teacher machines
  • Math program has homework that is online, but not all kids have computers


  • No issues at this time


  • No rep present

Parent group:

  • Apps were the big issue last year

Drew Walker answered the issue about laptops for nurses. There were not enough purchased this year to cover teachers and nurses.  Nurses might get funding the next time.

Other items from above listed concerns will be answered in Google Drive.

Operational items from prior meetings were discussed.

The technology committee presented to the Board of Trustees at the last board meeting.  Crystal Mueller gave an overview of the presentation posted in BoardDocs.  She stated the draft still needed to be cleaned up before it is adopted.  She then went over what was presented to the board.

Dr. Mueller emphasized that people in buildings want to be trained by people in their buildings, not consultants.

Drew reviewed an article that appeared in the Casper Journal based on the board report.

Specifically; the store, professional development, device ordering, imaging and recycling.

Reflections from the board meeting.  Based on the data from the staff survey, the Board feels that there has been a large investment with little return in their opinion. They expressed a sense of urgency.  They wanted to know how they can help; where are resources needed?

Jeff Brewster stated this committee has messaged that this is a year for planning.  The Board wants things to get moving.  The Board wants integration of the technology, not basic training on technology.  Part of the issue is defining what integration means.  Everyone has a different definition of integration. This committee will report to the Board again in November.

Drew Walker stated the schools need to develop a technology plan, due in March 2014.

The work then shifted to planning phase 2 and phase 3 of the committee’s work.  Crystal Mueller then facilitated a discussion to achieve this.

The committee was split into two groups to brainstorm the phases.

The Phase 2 group reported:

  • Will define their goal
  • Timeline for guidelines for the tech plans on buildings
  • Professional development.  Specific technology pd days would be selected.
  • This committee needs to communicate which devices are appropriate for each level
  • Show technology integration, not just the technology
  • List of terms for common understanding
  • Buildings will come up with a tech plan based on the survey.  Once their plan is in place they will continue to update it.
  • An assessment for how people integrate
  • How to balance bandwidth

Phase 3:

  • Differentiated professional development (pd)
  • How much pd is enough pd and where is personal accountability
  • Today’s culture provides lots of opportunity for learning
  • Have students lead some of the learning
  • Year around classes, summer training for students, not traditional summer school)
  • Tech conference or institute offered for staff
  • TIPS
  • All employees need to be trained
  • Might need to rely on various trainers, not just IF’s
  • How to get people to use all types of devices
  • ISTE standards revisited
  • Scope and sequence
  • Integrate common core and Wyoming state standards
  • If you need to learn something, there are plenty of opportunities
Members of Committee (bold in attendance): Sarah Prosinski (recorder), Mike Britt (NCASE), Kevin Pagett (NCASE), Kathy Neely (NCASE), Christopher Dresang (NCASE), Kathy Sedmak (NCAESS), Leah Lange (NCEA), Jill Sutherland (NCEA), Brant Jungck (NCEA), Jill Thompson (NCEA), Crystal Mueller (HR), Cheryl Caster (HR), Jeff Hauk (HR), Mary Holt (HR/IT), Jeff Brewster (HR), Drew Walker (HR/IT), Kelly Eastes (Community Partnerships), Dietra Kessel (parent), David Golen, Duane Reimer, Lisa Allen, Denise Miller, Chrissy Owen


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