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Evaluation Tools and Processes to be Reviewed

Purpose: To collaboratively study issues surrounding employee evaluation, make recommendations to the Superintendent/Cabinet and formulate related communications.

On September 26, the Evaluation Standing Committee met from 4-6 p.m. Crystal Mueller facilitated the meeting and began the meeting with introductions, norms and staging the purpose. Dr. Mueller then gave a brief history of the work accomplished by the previous committee. Crystal updated that the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is working on evaluation to measure accountability. Our certified evaluations have been approved by the WDE, however, the legislature might make some changes. The Committee then heard concerns from association members about the evaluation tools and processes.

NCASE comments:

  • There is a lot of anxiety about the non-certified staff due to the many varying job descriptions
  • A concern about training on the tools
  • In the FirstClass folder, the certified evaluation forms sometimes work and sometimes do not
  • Great improvement in format
  • Confusion around which forms get filled out when they change “tracks” (going from initial contracts to regular, etc.)

NCEA comments:

  • Concern around how the instrument is being implemented by each administrator
  • How does continuous improvement fit when someone is not a classroom teacher, like a tutor
  • The last milepost training had a document that looks like the goal for their evaluation and it is confusing people
  • Sub office took an evaluation and forwarded it to the school – violating confidentiality
  • Concern about how the pay works if you are on an improvement plan
  • For certified, the distinguished criteria still needs to be addressed

NCAESS comments:

  • Anxiety from classified people
  • No training in place for the classified staff on the new instrument

SEIO comments:

  • Personality conflicts between administrators and staff, they might not get a step due to a poor evaluation

Dr. Mueller then reviewed the certified evaluation documents. She explained that all initial contract teachers go on directed track. Continuing can be on guided (principal involvement), independent or collaborative tracks. Confusion exists how the tracks are utilized. She said each evaluation has a book in the First Class folders which cover all details. Each track has a growth plan. This was confused with the goal plan that was handed out during the Milepost training. It was clarified that the classified staff does not have a document for professional goals so the form could be used for the employees that do not currently document growth plans. Superintendent Steve Hopkins discussed his expectations for the committee. He reviewed the purpose for the committee. He thanked the members for their work and service to the committee and district. Dr. Mueller went over the Administrator and Director documents. These were approved by WDE as well. There are several alignment issues between the Administrator and Teacher evaluation document as they were developed at different times. The work of this committee will include working toward aligning what the documents measure and they are used fairly and accurately. All certified evaluations for teacher, administrators and directors have to be approved by WDE regulations Chapter 29.

Verba reviewed the classified evaluation implementation. Sixteen administrators are volunteering to try the evaluation on its initial implementation with around 60 employees. The evaluation used to be a one a year event. The idea is to have ongoing conversations. The committee looked at future topics for their work. Topics included addressing the above listed concerns and establishing a formal appeals process, as well as how to allow co-workers to have input on an employee’s growth. The next meeting will be on October 24 from 4-6 p.m.

Members in attendance: Crystal Mueller, Kelly Eastes, Dawn Cummings,  Valerie Braughton (NCASE), Kathy Neely (NCASE), Ted Hanson (NCASE),  Brenda Miller (SEIO), Gayle Schnorenberg (NCAESS), Rose Hill (NCAESS), Carol Glasgow (HR), Mike Bond (HR), Verba Echols (HR), Kelly Hornby (C&I). Mike Britt, Kristy Lavin (HR), Doreen McGlade (NCEA), Dixie Bowen (NCEA), Steve Hopkins 
Members absent: Angie Hayes (NCASE), Wayne Carlson (SEIO), Karla Jump (HR)


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