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The Case for a Snow Day

When a snow event hits our area, the big question becomes, “Will there be school today?”

The official closing of a school or schools will come from the District and is made by the Superintendent. If school is to be closed, media will be alerted by the District. Updates will also be available on NCSD’s website and NCSD’s official social media channels – Facebook and Twitter.  Following last spring’s snowstorms, district leadership; including the transportation department, risk management, and the superintendent’s office; has revised, refined and simplified the regulations surrounding school closures due to weather.  They are as follows:

I. The Determination for Schools to be Closed

Natrona County School District recognizes that conduct of school is an important and necessary part of community and family life. Schools will be closed only during extreme weather that may cause a significant safety risk and/or when the community itself is unable to operate reasonably. Primary factors to consider are anticipated or forecast weather conditions, safety of students being transported and walking to and from school, and staff safety in reporting for work. The primary responsibility and decision to protect a child’s health and to ensure school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian.

II. Procedure for the Emergency Closure of Schools Due to Weather or Natural Disaster

When weather conditions make, or are expected to make, travel dangerous or unsafe, schools may be closed in accordance with the following procedures.

The Director of Transportation and/or the Risk Manager will evaluate travel conditions, the current weather conditions and weather forecasts using the National Weather Service, road reports from drivers, and information from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  A recommendation is made to the Superintendent for schools to remain open or to close for the day, as early as possible.  In their absence, a designee will make the recommendation.  The final decision lies with the Superintendent. Once a decision has been made to close schools, Community Partnerships will notify the media (including print and electronic outlets) and initiate the Emergency Campus Messenger notification system. Updates can also be found on the district’s website and/or social media outlets.

It is imperative that all district phone lines be kept open for vital communications. Patrons are asked to stay tuned to local media and/or monitor NCSD’s official social media channels for updates, rather than calling district offices and/or the bus garage.

Note: Rural schools, including Midwest Schools, will close when Casper area schools are closed.


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