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A Modern Approach to the Compact

Purpose: The mission of the Compact Steering Committee is to ensure a culture of excellence through systemic continuous improvement and the collaborative governance model aligned with Baldrige principles through the Compact.

Following the idea that the work of Compact Steering is to ensure and oversee an environment of continuous improvement within the district, Superintendent Steve Hopkins suggested that the group form two subcommittees. One subgroup would research best practices for systemic continuous improvement (SCI), AdvancED requirements for accreditation, look for other SCI models from which to learn and study our own experiences with SCI. The second subgroup would be charged with gathering input and feedback from District stakeholders regarding SCI. Both groups would bring back information to the entire CSC to formulate action plans. One member from each employee group would make up the subcommittees.

Review of Problem Solvers Committee

According to The Compact, the Problem Solvers Committee was established to provide assessment and recommendations for solution of issues assigned by the Leader Group. As of late, the committee has been struggling with attendance, clear direction, and role. The CSC reviewed the history, the original intent of the committee and whether the committee should remain or be dissolved. Members also shared successes of the group including crafting of guidelines for Star Lane and Administrative Regulations for policies like Student Travel and Isolation Pay.

The group agreed the two options for the future of Problem Solvers is to keep the committee in tact but with changes or dissolve it as it may no longer serve the needs of the District as it was intended.

Gayle S., Jeff B., Ruth P., and Mark M. were tasked with creating a straw design to the question of “Where does Problem Solvers Belong in our Current Culture?” This group will come back to the CSC in October with a straw design on the future of Problem Solvers.

Outside Facilitators for CIC

Leader group has asked CSC to address the requirement in The Compact of using outside facilitators for Compact Issues Committee (CIC). In discussing the story surrounding this topic, members cited the importance of having someone who has no stake in the outcome, that will protect the established process and that will promote collaboration. The CIC facilitators are to be trained in the interest-based process and with one facilitator being from administrative experience and the other from National Education Association experience. The expertise adds to moving forward work agreement issues such as salary and benefits. Most felt it protects the credibility of The CIC process and the trust that has been built with stakeholders.

CSC determined there is still work to be done on this topic and until there is an agreed upon action item, in order to be in compliance with The Compact if Leader Group schedules a fall CIC meeting the language of the Compact will be honored.

CSC Briefs

Milepost Trainings: Carol G., and Jeff B. provided an early report on milepost activity for the new school year. The feedback is indicating more plusses than deltas for the new format. A survey accompanies the training this year. It will be used to guide future adjustments and improvements for milepost training. The first training for 2013-14 has to be completed by the end of September. There will be final data to share at October’s CSC meeting.

Professional Development Opportunity: Doreen shared information on a Collaborative Leadership Team 2014 Conference in Loveland, CO in January. For more information, contact Jim Lowham ( or John Stewart (

Members Present: Trustee Audrey Cotherman, Trustee Rita Walsh, Mike Bond,  Ted Hanson, Jeff Brewster, Danna Anderson, Ralph Obrey, Crystal Mueller (facilitator), Steve Hopkins, Carol Glasgow, Gayle Schnorenburg, Ruth Putnam, Brenda Miller, Kathy Sedmak, Shauna VanderLinden, Doreen McGlade, Mark Mathern, Coebie Taylor-Logan

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