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Summer Reading Ideas

Reading to KidsOn our Facebook page, we asked how parents were engaging their children in summer reading. You all have some really great ideas, so we thought we’d share some of the responses you gave us. Many said you use the reading program at the Natrona County Public Library. Some of you use incentives and/or bribes (lol). Some just make it part of the daily activities.

Whatever you do, please encourage your children to keep reading all summer.

Ideas Straight from our Parents: 

The library challenge, it’s nice they give prizes. –Tina M.

We start our day off with an hour of reading. I don’t tell my kids they have to read, I just tell them they aren’t allowed to play video games till they have read.  –Kendsey H.

I signed my daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and myself up at NCPL for their summer reading program. It’s a wonderful program. Also a challenge with another staff member to read a set number of books. One down four to go. –Ila K.

All my kids are involved in the library summer reading, and I have one in the “Summer Reading” class that is up at the college.  –Heather J.

“Read 30 mins” is on our daily chore chart!! They don’t gripe about it and sometimes keep on reading if the book is really good. –Carrie S.

30 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading just like Ramona Quimby has to do in the book. It always goes way beyond the 30 minutes. – Natalie G.

Allowance is in the form of Amazon credit to download any book desired, reading 2-3 hours a day!!! – Angela R.

The summer reading challenge at the library has really motivated my boys. They also have to be in bed by 8 but can stay up and read if they are not ready to turn their lights off! –Talea D.

My kids are in bed by 8, but are allowed to read from 8-9 in bed and quietly. It not only let’s them unwind before bed but ALL 3 (6,10,&14) look forward to reading each night. –Teri J.

Going to the library and then to the park to read underneath a tree. –Melissa W.

I read to them and make funny voices with the characters. (They’re almost JR high age and still love it.) –Makay L.

The reading program is awesome help, but I must say that my girls are HUNGRY to read this summer…of all books to strike their fancy. The Hardy Boys have caught their attention….who’d have thought? –Darla C.

The downtown library’s summer reading program. –Debra C.

I have been taking my girls to Verda James on Monday’s. They are loving it! –Bruce G.

The library program is awesome! –Crystal M.

I give them Bills that are pending in Congress…I figure someone should read them.  –Sean W.


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