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Changing the Course in Math

Due to the adoption of Common Core State Standards, it has been determined that the math curriculum within the district needs to be updated to help teachers address and meet these standards. Over the past five years, a high percentage of eleventh graders have not met the math college readiness cut score on the ACT; this requiring remedial classes not covered by Hathaway Scholarships.

The proposed changes in curriculum would take effect in K-12. The Board Curriculum and Instruction Committee has recommended to the Board that Glencoe be adopted as the math program used in every grade level, instead of using several different methods and programs. This would be the first math adoption since 2006. The math committee, comprised of a diverse group of educators throughout the district, worked over 2,000 combined hours to come forward with the new math recommendation. The district’s Instructional Facilitator team will work with teachers for staff development and continued support as the program is implemented.

The board heard the recommendation on First Reading on Monday, April 22, 2013. The Math Adoption materials are available for review at 970 N. Glenn Road, Casper.  The public can view the documents until May 13, 2013. Trustees are expected to take action on the proposed adoption at its regular board meeting that evening.

Trustees are interested in hearing feedback from the public, other educators, and parents on this adoption.


4 comments on “Changing the Course in Math

  1. Michelle Sabrosky
    April 22, 2013

    Please visit the Stop Common Core in Wyoming group page on Facebook, we are gathering information about Common Core, please make an informed decision, look at both sides, don’t let them spoon feed you the red kool-aid.

  2. JCL
    April 22, 2013

    My Children do not need to be indoctrinated this is absolutely NOT ok. DO NOT torture your teachers with having to hurt the students and force Big government down their throats. NO NCSD. NO.

  3. Concerned Citizen
    April 23, 2013

    The 2008 Washington State High School Mathetics Review found that Glencoe Math was mathematically unacceptable, and contained confusing and misleading explanations. Of the ten noted characteristics five were negative, three were neutral in nature, and only two characteristics were positive. In the reviews I have read for Glencoe math in the lower grades similar characteristics were noted.
    If the goal was to find a math program that suits the goals of Common Core to further ‘dumb down’ our citizens then it appears that NCSD has been successful. Granted, given that Common Core will set us further behind mathematically with the implementation of a ‘new math’ that no other country has ever used, and would not endorse, I do realize that a mathematically sound, federally approved, program was probably all but impossible to find.
    We look forward to reviewing the selection of government reading material that are chosen to comprise the 70% of informational texts for high school students.

  4. Pam Burrous
    April 23, 2013

    Yes, we need to have graduates who can do more than operate computers and calculators. While we are at it teach them how to read better!!
    How about penmanship, they all write and spell like second graders.

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