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Every Child an Artist

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

There are NO rules. There is NO right or wrong answer. There are NO  facts to memorize. It’s no wonder that so many kids exclaim ART as their favorite subject in school!

Hundreds of elementary-age children are showing off their creations at the annual Elementary District Art Show. The Natrona County Public Library has once again been transformed into an art gallery, packed floor to ceiling with thousands of pieces of mixed media art. With this year’s theme being “Every Child an Artist,” the goal is to display at least one piece of art from each elementary-age child. Almost 6,000 pieces are on display.

Art is so much more than craft time. Educators work art history, understanding color schemes and complementary colors, among many other lessons into their curriculum. Mary Fair Whitlatch is an art educator at Verda James Elementary and the Elementary District Art Show coordinator. She says art lends so much more to a child than learning the difference between watercolors and oils.

“It teaches them problem solving by searching for creative solutions to a problem and that there can be more than one way to solve a problem. That’s what employers are looking for, creative thinkers who can work outside the box,” said Ms. Whitlatch. “The beautiful thing about the arts is that there is often no right or wrong answer and for kids who may struggle in more concrete areas like math, art becomes attractive.”

“The kids have to pack so much in with the Common Core (standardized areas of study), art lets them unpack all of it,” said Hank Washut, art educator at Fort Caspar Academy.

Becoming the next Picasso or Thomas Kinkade is unlikely, still, Mr. Washut reminds his students that there is so much opportunity right now in the arts.

“We have become such a visual society that there are now more jobs in the arts then ever before – industrial design, cinematography, theater, graphic design – the possibilities are limitless.”

You are invited to stroll through the gallery and appreciate the handi-work of so many of our young students. The show runs through April 25, 2013 with an artist’s reception on Thursday, April 4 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Natrona County Public Library. Hundreds of people are expected for this showcase event.



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