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Help! My Child Didn’t Get Into Our First Choice!

If a school received more student enrollment requests than it could accommodate, a random computerized selection process determined which students were placed at that particular school. Students who didn’t receive their first choice were placed into their second choice or their third choice if there was no room at the second choice school.

Because NCSD is a school of choice district, but enrollment is limited to space within the particular schools, a priority list for preferences has been outlined.

  1. Students currently enrolled in the school are placed first.
  2. Students entering the school who have a sibling(s) currently attending the school are placed next. Preferences are assured through the duration of the online request process. Once the online request process is complete, preferences will be honored on a space-available basis only. Sibling is defined as children of the same natural parents; step parents; foster parents; co-habitating parents; grandparents; temporary guardians, including those housing homeless children; or children housed by respite care providers living within the same household.
  3. Children of staff members are placed.  Staff members are defined as those who work at the school for 10 or more hours per week.
  4. If there are students currently on a waiting list (created by the online process) for entry into the school, they are placed. Students currently enrolled in NCSD who are on waiting lists retain their priority on waiting lists from one year to the next as long as they continue to request the same school through the online process.
  5. Students whose parents choose, “I wish to go to the school determined to be the closest school from the residence in which my family resides” while enrolling online will be placed next.  Addresses used will be those in Infinite Campus and verified by the enrollment office.
  6. Students currently enrolled in a school who are requesting to change to a different school are placed next.
  7. Students who did not participate in the online request process are placed in a  school assigned by the District office. 

What happens if my child is not currently placed in the first preference school?

It’s important to remember that the online request process ended February 3rd and there is a great deal of time between now and mid-August, when school begins. Families change their minds or leave town, often creating openings in schools. Those students not placed in their first preference school are automatically placed on a waiting list that is maintained at the District office. When an opening exists for your child in the school of your first preference, District personnel will call families (based upon their student’s number on the waiting list) and offer them the opportunity to place their child in that school. Until August 1st, parents have one week (7 days) to choose one of the following options.  After August 1st parents have until 4 p.m. the following business day to choose one of the options.

  • Accept the opening at the first preference school.
  • Decline the opening and move child’s name to the bottom of waiting list.
  • Decline the opening and take child’s name off the waiting list.
  • Students are not placed on wait lists after on-line enrollment has concluded, for the current school year.
  • Prior to May 15th, parents need to call the Enrollment Office if they wish their student to stay on the wait list that was generated from on-line enrollment for the next school year.

Please go to for frequently asked questions and answers.

Our hope is a successful transition for you and your child as you take the next step in the educational journey.



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