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NCSD & Casper PD Release School Safety Q&A Videos

Your children’s safety is a top priority while they are in school. Last month, we asked you for your questions and concerns regarding school safety and security. The response was impressive. We received numerous emails and Facebook comments from parents, the public, and our own staff. You shared ideas and asked thoughtful questions.

We gathered and organized the comments/questions into similar categories and presented them to NCSD Superintendent Dr. Joel Dvorak, NCSD Risk Manager Jeff Hauk and Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh. The three leaders addressed the different safety and security measures currently in place within the school system. In addition, they answered questions like “Is it possible to put an armed guard at every school?” “Will teachers be able to carry guns?” and “Why are schools unlocked?” Plus many other insightful questions that were submitted.

We encourage you to check out the responses below in the two videos:


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This entry was posted on February 7, 2013 by in Community, Home - Inside NCSD, Well-Being.

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