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Planning for Next School Year Begins

The online enrollment window has closed for the 2013-14 school year. That means the district has a good idea of how many students to plan for in the coming school year. It aids in staffing and forming the budget for ’13-’14. The Central Enrollment Office reports we are trending close to last year’s numbers with perhaps a slight increase. 

The Central Enrollment Office has begun to verify all addresses, NCSD employment status, and sibling placement to be sure a student qualifies for the preference chosen. As a reminder, preference is given to those students who have a sibling already enrolled in the chosen school, have a parent that works in the chosen school, or lives in the neighborhood of the chosen school. District staff combs through all of the information provided and verifies it. If it is found to be false information, the student will lose that preference and will be placed once the online requests have been filled. 

If you missed the online enrollment window, you can still enroll your children by calling the Central Enrollment Office at 253-5250 or 253-5322. Your children will be placed in spots available once the online requests have been filled. 

Students entering middle school and high school will receive their notification letters of school placement before the end of February. Letters for elementary students will be sent around the middle part of April.



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