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A Message from Dr. Joel Dvorak: Your Kids and the School Shooting Tragedy

We may be hundreds of miles away from Sandy Hook, CT, but we grieve along with the rest of the nation for the innocent children and adults that were taken from this world too soon.  We, too, are affected by this tragedy as our children are asking questions.  As adults, we, ourselves, find it difficult to comprehend, making it even more of a challenge to try to explain it to our children. It’s during these times that our children need support and reassurance.

 It may be hard to answer the questions, but do the best you can and answer as honestly as possible. Kids are going to want to know how the “bad guy” got into the school. They are going to wonder if they are safe. Reassure them that their principal, teachers, and other school staff have plans in place to keep kids as safe as possible while they are at school.

You can help comfort your children by showing them you care and that they are important to you. Make an effort to spend some extra time with them this weekend. Try to limit the exposure to news coverage of Friday’s event.

If you find that your children are struggling through this emotional and confusing time, you are encouraged to take advantage of counseling services through the school district.

There are additional ideas on how to talk with your children and help them cope with this national tragedy at the attached link.


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