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A Place to Be

By Chelsey Binder

A place that no one has known of.

A place that we need to grow more of.

Bright blue skies and grassy plains below

The places of Casper, the place we know.

But where is the sidewalk with painted footprints?

Where are the people who bring different tints?

Where are the birds that sing their own song?

I live in Casper, where do I belong?

I see colors of each little person but I need to see more of our people conversin’.

When a tiny pebble hits a really big rock.

The timer is hit hard and tick begins to tock.

How long will a place go unknown, how long will Medusa keep it all stone?

The things I have learned from when I was a child was to take big colored blocks and build it a mile.

What I’m trying to say is the time is now, it is NEVER too late to learn to know HOW!


*Chelsey Binder is a junior at Natrona County High School and Star Lane Center. She wrote this poem while taking part in the recent Prototype Design Camp in Casper.


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This entry was posted on November 28, 2012 by in From the Classroom.

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